Yeah, I Can Rap

The first audio assignment I chose for the week is DS106 Rap (worth 2 stars).  This will contribute 2 of the 5 stars that I have to dedicate towards my character this week!  I chose this one because it sounded fun and I like to rap so I thought I’d give it a shot! First I got the background music from Youtube, converted that into an mp3 file and imported it to Audacity.  Then I began to write lyrics that I thought would go along well with the music and my character so that was pretty hard.  Then after I wrote them down I had to practice multiple times so I knew I wouldn’t mess up while I was recording.  After I had practiced long enough, I plugged my headphones in and began rapping along with the music in my ear.  I got through it and then when I went to play it back, my voice was not in sync with the music so I had to play around with it to get it to sound right…which I think it still sounds like there is a little bit of a lag but that’s okay it goes with the music well enough!  I chose this one as one for my character because I felt like rapping is usually about either killing people, beating women, or stuff of that sort so my character fell right in place!  Writing the rap was pretty fun even though I had to use a website to figure out multiple words that rhymed with one to get it to work!  I think I’m the next female Eminem.

7 thoughts on “Yeah, I Can Rap

  1. The lyrics and music was a great combo. You picked a great assignment to link to your character and rap being about “killing people, and beating women” was spot on!

  2. SOMEONE GET THIS GIRL ON THE RADIO. Seriously though, I can tell that you have a great connection with music and it is really enjoyable seeing some of your own passion coming through in these sorts of DS106 assignments. You’ve got some awesome rap skills and musical skills in general … keep using it to add to your already great story!

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